Personal Fitness Training

First: Goals

This beginning stage is where we establish your objective for your personal transformation. The vast majority of people need to start with getting their body fat percentage down to a good level. We will do this by developing your core, conditioning your major muscle groups, improving your cardio and cleaning up your nutrition.

Second: Assessment

At this stage we find out where you are right now. You will go through several movement assessments so we can find any week spots that need improvement, Get your body fat percentage and determine your starting place for resistance training and cardio.

Third: Program

The third stage is setting the plan. We will work with your schedule and set specific goals with time frames. Then you buy a package that works with your goal and budget. Like any plan, it get's modified as we begin and adjusts to how well you adapt to a new and healthy lifestyle.

Forth: Commit!

It's go time! You are now begging the first step into a new lifestyle that will effect everything you do. You will come in for the assessment and then we will begin your training.