Personal Fitness Training

I've heard people say that they are not in the mood to go to the gym. I've always thought that was a backward condition, you go to the gym to get in the mood! working out is often used as an analogy for the many challenges of life. It is that and it's also a foundation of life itself. developing a gym mindset is critical for getting results from your training. The discipline, routine, and habits that it takes to get those results will start to seep into every part of your life.
Fitness is an incredible challenge. It can be painful too. but there is a difference between injury and pain. the pain of exercise is growth. developing a mindset of positives in the face of pain changes you at the core. We are all capable of so much more then we think and working out develops this mind set. Using your breath and mindfulness techniques, I will help you develop a mindset tool box that you can use for your life long preset of fitness. This toolbox is useful for every aspect of life as well.