Personal Fitness Training

A great starting place for cardio exercise is 30 min of "high" heart rate for 3 times a week. Intervals on the tread mill are prime for this but you tend to feel every minute of it. When I finish a 30 minute cardio kickboxing session I don't even remember it an I'm drenched in sweat. It's great!
My cardio kickboxing session will be one on one, I'll teach you the basics of hitting and kneeing. then you will learn the 12 combinations over several sessions. Each session I'll call out a combo or hit sequence and you hit my focus pads. The mental challenge of hitting the correct sequence will put you in a flow state that will be challenging and fun. I've never finished a session where I didn't feel just great!
Please contact me and I will give you a free, first time 30 min intro session just for checking out my website!